Clamour // Tin Labels

Client : Clamour Cosmetics

Date : March 2018

Online :

On-going client work for Clamour Biodegradable Glitter, assisting with line expansion, delivering 25mm labels for use with pre-mixed glitters.

Inspired by the playful names, Pirates Gold draws on ‘pirate-style’ typography, partcularly from films, with the ‘G’ and ‘d’ in gold creating a ‘x’ on the treasure map.

Long John Silver takes the form of the scrawling signature of the man himself, whilst Mermaid Mix incorporates the fish tail in the ‘m’, gently lapping the shore, whilst the ‘d’ is made from a lazy palm tree and mimics the ocean wave.

As per the Clamour brand guidelines, all the assets were hand-designed, scanned and digitalised to produce art work.